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My Niece’s Idea of Working- Call Grandma and send Money

We are certainly in the era of entitlements. Why work if you can scam the government and your family.  My day was disrupted when my 91 year old mother once again fell for my niece’s demand for more money. It … Continue reading

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What I like about Cottonwood

There is a big change from living in Los Angeles of 6 million people to moving to a town in northern area of Arizona of a population of 12,000 people.  No Freeways and just really nice people. Gas per gallon … Continue reading

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My niece Allison causes me stress.

My niece has quite a past history and has found the Gold Goose Money Fund- that being  my Mom.  Over the past several past month I have tried to end the leaks in cash going to Allison by coming up … Continue reading

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Bucket List-Now is the time to work on My Bucket List.

What is on your Bucket List question came up at breakfast this morning.  One of the things that came to mind was a trip to Ensenada with my Mom so she can go back to see the kids at Ninos … Continue reading

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Life After 65

I never planned to retire at 65.  Things happen.  My father died in April of this year (2015) and during the funeral I realized my 91 year old Mon needed a care giver. No one else was volunteering so I … Continue reading

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