Bucket List-Now is the time to work on My Bucket List.

What is on your Bucket List question came up at breakfast this morning.  One of the things that came to mind was a trip to Ensenada with my Mom so she can go back to see the kids at Ninos de Baja just outside of Ensenada.  Both my Dad and Mom made the trip there back in 2013 and they thoroughly  enjoyed seeing everyone down there.   There is a 3 day trip out of Los Angeles to Ensenada in January- Here is a way for Mom to see the kids.

After looking at the newest Princess Cruises I found a 64 Day South America Grand Tour. Now 64 days at Sea is too much for one trip but how about breaking it up and doing sections of the Grand South America Tour.  Something to think about and put it on the Bucket List.

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