My niece Allison causes me stress.

My niece has quite a past history and has found the Gold Goose Money Fund- that being  my Mom.  Over the past several past month I have tried to end the leaks in cash going to Allison by coming up with ways to pay the bill in question from here in Arizona.  Once I think I have solve one of the many ways money flows her way, she beats me to the punch.

With 2 Walmart gift cards and a Home Depot card supposedly stolen last month, she now needs more money. 35 dollars for a radiator and 45 dollars to take an online class in ” How to make money from home on your computer” Small nickle and dime outflows just keep adding up.  Just hearing her name my stress level increases.  This is certainly the new generation of Entitlement.   No one takes responsibility for their actions, they play the victim as it is always someone else’s fault the money was stolen. How about getting a job– that would be my solution.

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