My Niece’s Idea of Working- Call Grandma and send Money

We are certainly in the era of entitlements. Why work if you can scam the government and your family.  My day was disrupted when my 91 year old mother once again fell for my niece’s demand for more money. It not that we have not already paid for her rent, all her utilities, her HBO package on Dish network, bought her a 10,000 dollar car that the ex boyfriend made off with and bailed out her same boy friend for 1200 dollars so far this year.  Even when we went to the Sheriff department and found there was no arrest record for the boy friend and proved that we got scam by her, we are still sending her money.   So I worked this afternoon getting her a Money Gram for 100 dollars to get some gas for her car with the caveat on not sending her next week’s allowance. Yes, she is 28 with a kid (her first kid was abandoned by her, the second kid was removed from her by the state and third kid is with her as she skipped state lines to New Mexico)  and prison record and gets a weekly allowance. So much for rewarding the upstats.  After all said in done she now just called me to let me know that she lost her drivers license months ago so she does not have an ID to get the money at Walmart.  So Obama thought he had  another vote from the entitlement crowd, it a shame my niece has a prison record dealing meth and can’t vote.



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