What I like about Cottonwood

There is a big change from living in Los Angeles of 6 million people to moving to a town in northern area of Arizona of a population of 12,000 people.  No Freeways and just really nice people. Gas per gallon is 2.72 a gallone with the price dropping 3 cents from last week. When you pay for something here the clerk will get into a conversation with you unlike Los Angeles where they never give the the time of day.   In the cul de-sac where I live, I have now meet all my neighbors and know their first names in a matter of a few weeks, try that in Los Angeles.

I live 25 minutes from one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Sedona and spiritual as well.  In Cottonwood we have all the Walmarts and Home Depot type of stores and if you want to go chic then there area the high in speciality stores in Sedona or if you need to go to a conventional  mall with the Sears and Penny stores then there is Prescott about a hour away.  The nearest In in Out burger is in Prescott or if you need tools then there is a Harbor Freight store there as well.

So what about restaurants? If you are  looking for the high end restaurants with views you have numerous restaurants in Sedona at $$$ and if your thinking about great assortment of restaurants in Cottonwood area $$ then there are plenty to chose from.

There are movie theaters in Prescott and Sedona. There is a movie festival in Sedona in the Spring with Hollywood celebrities promoting their films if you miss the tinsel town crowd.

What about the weather? Thank goodness there is air conditions for August. The temperatures has reach 105 on a couple of days. Remember it is dry heat so it not as back as San Fernando Valley in the Summer with humidity and high temperatures.  Cottonwood is at 4000 feet so the weather is less severe than in Phoenix, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

There are plenty of hiking trails in the area. The local Verde river provides free entertainment of rafting down a three mile stretch of the river. There are plenty of fresh vegetable stands in Camp Verde during the summer months.

The Sedona/Verde Valley is becoming a wine destination now. With wineries going in now this will shortly be one of the larger tourist attractions in the area after the beautiful sites of Sedona.

Housing prices run half to 2/3rd what is it is in the Los Angeles area.  Other expenses to think about, taxes are much lower and car registration for me 2005 F-150 crewcab was 350 dollars for a 5 year registration tag.

Phoenix airport is less than 2 hours away. It is a hub airport so there are many flights out. Many people take one of the several shuttle down to Phoenix so to save on driving and parking.

There are no 68 billion dollar bullet train funding, sanctuary cities, large unfunded government pension funds going on in Arizona.

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