28 Year Old Mom, no money and with a kid on Car Buying

There is always a story to be told about my niece in New Mexico.  She has been given 3 cars from her grandparents over the past several years and do to poor maintenance or bad driving habits the cars are no longer operational.

Her solution to the mounting repairs on her older Chevy Blazer is to trade it in for a 1998 Trans Am car.  She mentioned that it only had 30,000 miles on it and it got better gas mileage than her Chevy Blazer and she is buying it from a reliable use car dealer.

Do you see any problems with the parameters in making her decision.  All I could say to her is that her grandmother is no longer in the car business and it is up to my niece to make any car purchases and maintain her cars from this point on.

trans am

Here is a image of a similar 1998 Trans Am

Relaying the car purchase to her grandmother, her response was that she told Allison to check with me first before buying a car and of course this was not done.

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