Every Family has a Bubba

My Mom believes in serving and doing charity work and this has kept her in good health and she is now in her 90’s. My niece has been like a bottomless pit to Mom’s finances. I had planned to go out to Alamogordo to check out the situation and at the last moment Mom decide to come. To make the 550 trip easier we fly instead of driving so the trip took us to El Paso Texas and we rented a car to drive north up to Alamogordo in the White Sands area (thing atomic bomb testing) of New Mexico.
After seeing my niece and her delightful one year old child the boyfriend Bubba makes his appearance. For sometime now my parents have been subsidizing my niece and the still get calls about some impending emergency, Bail bond, lost rent money and so forth. My Mom always believing the stories and sending money to my niece. In her mind there was no way that her grandchild would ever lie to her.
Mom and I happen to stay at the Super 8 motel situated next to the Sheriff station and also next to the worlds greatest rib joint, Peppers. So checking with the Sheriff department I found that there were no criminal activity or lock ups for Bubba so he had scammed 1200 dollars from my parents to pay his bail. The week were were there my niece’s rent money was lost as she had given it to Bubba to hold on to. Mom finally said no to the rent money request so Bubba and my niece scammed the local Mormon Church Bishop for it. I was make aware of a storage unit across the highway from their singlewide that contained Bubba’s main toy, a motorcycle. It is amazing what neighbors will tell you with the undesirable neighbors. Mom finally had enough proof to see that she has been scammed by her niece and Bubba over the past several years.
Yes charity still goes out to my niece but now with her now limited list of bills being paid for by us in Arizona. Poor Bubba, now with no steady stream of money to scam he may have to find some work. This is a unjust world. It was a real pleasure to meet Bubba’s Mom and cousins– if only I was a TV producer looking for an new reality show to produce.

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