Life as a Supplmental Insurance Agent

After several months of being retired at 65 I started to get ansy for something to do. My original plan was to work until I was 70 and then retire. But life changes and now I am a caregiver to my 91 year old Mom in Cottonwood Arizona.  My Medicare insurance agent suggested that I sell Medicare insurance as something to do. There is an open enrollment period from Oct 15 to Dec 7th and I started the insurance procedures in July. With taking the Arizona State Exam and going through United Health Care training and certification program did not leave me much time.  I squeak through and without any practice appointments I jump into the insurance world. Thank goodness for the excellent training.

Now we have two weeks left in the Open Enrollment Period and one sale comes to mind.  I meet my 72 widowed client at 9:00AM at her house and I enrolled her into an insurance plan that met her needs. She then proceeds to turn on the Karioki machine and sing me romantic songs.  One of her friends showed up and she also took the mic and belted out a couple songs.

I listened, I clapped and I made my sale.



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