My Niece Mouth gets the Best of Her

As we all have learned as kids actions lead to consequences.  My niece went into a tirade with her landlord at her trailing park in the Alamogordo area and then was presented with a 30 day to Move order by her landlord.

When I asked her how she was going to pay for the move she said of course her grandmother.  When I said that was not a possibility unless she gave up one of the many things her grandmother was paying for, and like a teenager she went into her usual  tirage with F… You to me and her grandmother. Her grandmother said her granddaughter has an angry management problem and let her tirade pass.  I eliminated her 100 dollar a month Direct TV service and she really blew her top as she stated that her 2 year old daughter needed satellite TV.  This generation is certainly the age of entitlement. She is 28 and no job and lives off her grandmother’s money and state entitlement program. A mother of three births and only one in her possession due to the first being abandoned by her, the second child taken by the state as my niece was on drugs.

I sent a thank you note to her former landlord praising him on teaching my niece that actions lead to consequences.

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