Another Year of Insurance Open enrollment

I am back selling the United Health Care Medicare products for our senior population for the second year now.  I drive up over the mountain to Prescott Valley and Chino Valley 4 times a week manning a Kiosk at Chino Valley’s Safeway and I am part of a team putting on Open Enrollment meetings in Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.  Now in our 4 week I have surpassed by total enrollments that I did all last year. Another carrier, the Phoenix plan went belly up and so we are converting many of the Phoenix beneficiaries to our plan. It makes for an easy sell.

So to tally my production of applications signups for the year I realized that I was spending a lot of dead time manning the Kiosk at Safeways in Chino Valley.  Working as a team member at the Open Enrollment meetings is far more productive and I thoroughly enjoy working with the team members.

In May of 2017 I changed my brokerage from United Health to a smaller one. I will still be representing the same products and I should be able to better serve my clients.

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