Monument Valley St Mary’s Church

What a great place to visit. I have been up to Monument Valley area now 5 times in the past 6 months and it has always been a new adventure.  The current project is to convert a parish building bedroom into a Sunday School room.  From the first appearance it appeared to be a relatively easy project of filling in a window with drywall, patching the leaking roof and painting the walls. Five of us where up there in April of 2017 for a two day work trip with a dinner up at the Swinging Grill Cafe in Mexican Hat.  Our plans changed when it was found the the ledger of the window was not well supported and causing the roof to sagged.  So our attention went to shoring up the wall and installing a new ledger over the window. Luck had it that we found some 2 by 6 in the basement and we doubled them up for the new ledger.  The exterior wall siding was damaged so the wall was strength by adding studs, installing new OSB boards, flashing and installing new siding boards. DSC_0021 DSC_0067               So after the first day of work we cleaned up and off the Mexican Hat via the famous Forest Gump Highway.  DSC_0027

And a great meal at the Swing Grill Cafe in Mexican Hat.  DSC_0041

Monument Valley is the John Ford/John Wayne famous movie locations where they filmed several of their Cavalry films in the last 1940’s.  There is nothing like pounding nails and looking out to the magnificent pinnacles in the Monument valley. Another trip is planned in May with much pleasure in visiting the area.




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