First trip to STS meeting in 2009

My brother Mike and I went to San Antonio as my parents appointees to attend one of the original STS meetings in 2009.  And how have things changed for us from lodging in a Motel 6 up by the airport and now staying at the Hotel Contessa on the River Walk.

What a great get together of the Piper Clan and other STS families in San Antonio of November 9, 2009  at the South Texas Syndicate shareholder meeting in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.  It was such a great experience for all to meet other family members and other unitholders.

Now that we all share common heritage and inheritance we have stayed more in touch and have meet frequently.   This was probably the first time all of the Piper’s descendents had meet and got to know one another. There was talk of future meetings and putting a website together (John Q has the website blog up and running). The yearly meetings have taken place and it is always a fun time to meet in San Antonio.    There is much family lore about the STS and we welcome all tidbits of information or family photos.  John suggested that the Garden City, Minnesota aspect of the start of the Piper family be included.  In 2013 the Piper clan met up in Minnesota and we did go down to Garden City and see where the Five Brothers were from.

How things changed over the years as we were thanks J.P. Morgan and Patricia on what a great job they did.  Our gem Patricia was let go by J.P. Morgan the following year and STS sued J.P. Morgan and won our case in 2014.

John Q. Piper and Carter Piper took the helm and has guided us since 2009. The have not only secured future returns for us but also have brought all the families together.





Tom Gertmenian, George & John Q with Sheila Curlee.


Carter, Bill Piper, Liz Piper Forman, Thomas Warner and Patty Ormond







Janet G. MacFaclane, Don G., Susan G. Snowdon and Tom Gertmenian






John Q Piper, John Minter, Gary Aymes, Mike Piper Noyes, Colleen Davis and Patrick Pacheco



The STS Board meeting have grown over the years. There are typically over 100 members attending today.

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