Eagle Ford Shale-Can it operate at 37 dollars a barrel

Producers in the Eagle Ford Shale region just south of San Antonio are keeping an eye on the market after waking up to near seven-year-low crude oil prices on Monday morning.
West Texas Intermediate was trading as low as $37.60 per barrel early Monday afternoon, dipping well below this year’s previous low of $38.22 per barrel, which was set less than four months ago on Aug. 24. Figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that the previous record low for WTI crude oil prices was reported at $34.03 per barrel on Feb. 12, 2009.
File Photo from a rig where Encana Corp., which is drilling for oil in Karnes County. The company’s leases are among those producing a record amount of crude in the Eagle Ford shale.

University of Texas at San Antonio researcher Thomas Tunstall said that how today’s price downturn affects producers in the Eagle Ford depends on how low it goes and how long it lasts.

“I don’t see a change until after the holidays,” Tunstall said.
Houston-based energy giant Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) reported on Friday that there are 73 active rigs in the Eagle Ford, compared to 206 active rigs at the same time last year — at 64.6 percent drop.
“It won’t go to zero, but those companies that are still there have shown that they can withstand $40 per barrel,” Tunstall said.
Houston-based EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) publicly stated that it can still make a profit at $40 per barrel on many of its leases, but other companies like San Antonio-based Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: AXAS) stated they will not drill in the Eagle Ford again until oil reaches $65 per barrel.

“As companies react to these new market realities, they will respond with new technology and new tricks up their sleeves,” Tunstall said.
One company operating in the Eagle Ford that is responding to the problem with technology is Encana Corp. (NYSE: ECA). The Calgary-based company plans to maintain its current level of drilling activity in Karnes County, which is ranked by the Railroad Commission of Texas as the most prolific oil-producing county in the Lone Star State.
In addition to maintaining its activities in the Eagle Ford, Encana recently reported that it will be speeding up capital expenditures in the Permian Basin, where it will invest an additional $150 million in the fourth quarter. The company expects to drill 36 net wells and bring 30 into production in Permian Basin during the fourth quarter in order to deliver an estimated 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.
Tunstall said the dip in prices are a reaction to last Friday’s decision by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, to keep their production levels the same.

“This is not altogether unexpected, but some times the market has to hear the words before it reacts,” Tunstall said.
OPEC’s decision also comes months ahead of when sanctions against Iran are expected to be lifted. Tunstall said the Middle Eastern nation is expected to flood an already saturated global market with as much as 500,000 barrels of oil per day.
Sergio Chapa covers the energy industry for the newspaper.


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My Niece Mouth gets the Best of Her

As we all have learned as kids actions lead to consequences.  My niece went into a tirade with her landlord at her trailing park in the Alamogordo area and then was presented with a 30 day to Move order by her landlord.

When I asked her how she was going to pay for the move she said of course her grandmother.  When I said that was not a possibility unless she gave up one of the many things her grandmother was paying for, and like a teenager she went into her usual  tirage with F… You to me and her grandmother. Her grandmother said her granddaughter has an angry management problem and let her tirade pass.  I eliminated her 100 dollar a month Direct TV service and she really blew her top as she stated that her 2 year old daughter needed satellite TV.  This generation is certainly the age of entitlement. She is 28 and no job and lives off her grandmother’s money and state entitlement program. A mother of three births and only one in her possession due to the first being abandoned by her, the second child taken by the state as my niece was on drugs.

I sent a thank you note to her former landlord praising him on teaching my niece that actions lead to consequences.

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Life as a Supplmental Insurance Agent

After several months of being retired at 65 I started to get ansy for something to do. My original plan was to work until I was 70 and then retire. But life changes and now I am a caregiver to my 91 year old Mom in Cottonwood Arizona.  My Medicare insurance agent suggested that I sell Medicare insurance as something to do. There is an open enrollment period from Oct 15 to Dec 7th and I started the insurance procedures in July. With taking the Arizona State Exam and going through United Health Care training and certification program did not leave me much time.  I squeak through and without any practice appointments I jump into the insurance world. Thank goodness for the excellent training.

Now we have two weeks left in the Open Enrollment Period and one sale comes to mind.  I meet my 72 widowed client at 9:00AM at her house and I enrolled her into an insurance plan that met her needs. She then proceeds to turn on the Karioki machine and sing me romantic songs.  One of her friends showed up and she also took the mic and belted out a couple songs.

I listened, I clapped and I made my sale.



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Every Family has a Bubba

My Mom believes in serving and doing charity work and this has kept her in good health and she is now in her 90’s. My niece has been like a bottomless pit to Mom’s finances. I had planned to go out to Alamogordo to check out the situation and at the last moment Mom decide to come. To make the 550 trip easier we fly instead of driving so the trip took us to El Paso Texas and we rented a car to drive north up to Alamogordo in the White Sands area (thing atomic bomb testing) of New Mexico.
After seeing my niece and her delightful one year old child the boyfriend Bubba makes his appearance. For sometime now my parents have been subsidizing my niece and the still get calls about some impending emergency, Bail bond, lost rent money and so forth. My Mom always believing the stories and sending money to my niece. In her mind there was no way that her grandchild would ever lie to her.
Mom and I happen to stay at the Super 8 motel situated next to the Sheriff station and also next to the worlds greatest rib joint, Peppers. So checking with the Sheriff department I found that there were no criminal activity or lock ups for Bubba so he had scammed 1200 dollars from my parents to pay his bail. The week were were there my niece’s rent money was lost as she had given it to Bubba to hold on to. Mom finally said no to the rent money request so Bubba and my niece scammed the local Mormon Church Bishop for it. I was make aware of a storage unit across the highway from their singlewide that contained Bubba’s main toy, a motorcycle. It is amazing what neighbors will tell you with the undesirable neighbors. Mom finally had enough proof to see that she has been scammed by her niece and Bubba over the past several years.
Yes charity still goes out to my niece but now with her now limited list of bills being paid for by us in Arizona. Poor Bubba, now with no steady stream of money to scam he may have to find some work. This is a unjust world. It was a real pleasure to meet Bubba’s Mom and cousins– if only I was a TV producer looking for an new reality show to produce.

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Active Drilling rigs fallen to 80 at Eagle Ford Shale

Rising oil prices will still need time to catch up to drilling activity just south of San Antonio.

Tension in the Middle East had the prices of West Texas Intermediate crude oil rising to the $50 per barrel mark on Friday afternoon but figures from the Baker Hughes rig count show that new drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale has fallen to 80 active rigs.

The figures mark the eighth week in a row that the rig count has been below 100. At this same time last year, there were 211 active rigs in the oil-rich region just south of San Antonio.

New drilling also fell down to 235 rigs in the Permian Basin. Across the Lone Star State, new drilling went down from 357 to 353 rigs in one week’s time. Figures show that the overall number of rigs in the United States fell from 809 to 795 rigs.

Friday’s figures mark a six-year low for new drilling activity in Texas and a 13-year low in the United States.

Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) releases rig count data on a weekly basis. Rig count data is considered a barometer of oil drilling activity worldwide.

New oil rig activity provides business for a number of subcontractors out in the field. According to a recent study from the University of Houston, each drilling rig represents a total of 224 jobs both on and off the drilling pad.

Sergio Chapa covers the energy industry for the newspaper.

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Alexandra Fuller, “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight”

A good read,  I was up at 2:30am and read the last third of the book.  It brings Africa in the 1970’s to life.


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28 Year Old Mom, no money and with a kid on Car Buying

There is always a story to be told about my niece in New Mexico.  She has been given 3 cars from her grandparents over the past several years and do to poor maintenance or bad driving habits the cars are no longer operational.

Her solution to the mounting repairs on her older Chevy Blazer is to trade it in for a 1998 Trans Am car.  She mentioned that it only had 30,000 miles on it and it got better gas mileage than her Chevy Blazer and she is buying it from a reliable use car dealer.

Do you see any problems with the parameters in making her decision.  All I could say to her is that her grandmother is no longer in the car business and it is up to my niece to make any car purchases and maintain her cars from this point on.

trans am

Here is a image of a similar 1998 Trans Am

Relaying the car purchase to her grandmother, her response was that she told Allison to check with me first before buying a car and of course this was not done.

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5 Things to Know before Buying Part D

5 Things to Know before Buying Part D

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The Negatives of Buying Supplemental Insurance.

The Negatives of Buying Supplemental Insurance.

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5 Things to know before buying Supplemental Insurance

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