Sally & Roger Piper Noyes – 3rd Generation

Henreitta Jordan Pper was born on May 12 , 1924 in Minneapolis, MN. She was christened on Janaury 1, 1931 in Minn.,MN at Saint Marks Church.  While on tour with the US Army Air Corps (1944 to 1946) the beautiful Sally Piper met the dashing saxophone player, Roger Bow Noyes (served US Army Air Corps from August 8, 1942 to March 18, 1946 in USA, Wales,and Germany) while both were stationed in Wales.  They were married in Civil Marriage on October 3, 1945 in Paris. On October 8, 1945 there were married in the Episcopal Pro Cathedral in Paris with Dean Beekman officiating.

Sally Noyes grandkids know her as Zim and Roger Noyes is known asPapa Rogi.

Henreitta (Sally) Jordan Piper and Rev. Roger Bow (Jr.) Noyes had the following children.

Denise Piper Noyes was born on May 27, 1947

She married Mark Christian Ritter on July 3, 1969. They had 7 children and our beloved Denise passed on November 17, 1992 in Grand Junction, CO.  There kids are the following: Joanna Noyes Ritter (born 3 April 1972-Delano, Ca),  Sarah Noyes Ritter( born 30 August 1974-Mission Viejo, CA) , Daniel Noyes Ritter (born 12 October 1976-Mission Viejo, Ca)  , Elizabeth Noyes Ritter  (born 8 April 1980-Oceanside, CA) , Margarett Anne Ritter (born 2 Feb 1983 in Hopi Land –2nd Mesa– Arizona)  , Allison Ritter (born 6 June 1986 in Colorado)  and Bridget Ritter (born 27 September 1987 in Colorado)

Michael Piper Noyes (twin) was born on August 9, 1950. He marriedJoan Denise Triplet on January 8, 1977. The have 7 children and 2 grandchildren. There children are the following:

Katherine Triplett Noyes Rogstat (born 15 Aug 1978-Santa Clara, Ca),Peter Triplett Noyes (born 26 July 1982 –Panorama City, CA), Mary Ellen Triplet Noyes Anderson (born 15 June 1985-Panorama City, Ca),Janet Triplet Noyes (born 5 July 1987 -Woodland Hills, Ca), Laura Triplet Noyes (twin) (born 4 August 1989-Woodland Hills, Ca), Thomas Triplet Noyes (twin) (born 24 August 1989– Woodland Hills, Ca) &Andrew Triplett Noyes (born 20 May 1992-Woodland Hills, Ca)

Greg Piper Noyes (twin) was born on August 9, 1950.

Annie Piper Noyes Moore was born on September 1, 1967. She married John Paul Moore on July  2004.

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