Democrats crying Wolf on Impeachment

You can bet that the Democrats will cry foul about the Republicans not wanting additional witness to the more legitimate Republican stand that it is up to the Congress to have brought in more witness as it is not the Senate position to call up witnesses.

“Adam Schiff and Pelosi with their fellow Democrats broke every standard of due process, transparency and fairness in their House investigation, making a mockery of their constitutional duty.

Key points to remember:

  • The Democrats hid the identify of the whistle blower.
  • Adam Schhiff held secret depositions barring many of the house representations
  • The Democrats call 18 witnesses and blocked the president any for his defense
  • White House legal team was excluded from the proceedings
  • The White House legal team could not cross examine the witness
  • Adam Schiff secretly obtain and published phone records of the presidents attorney, member of Congress and a reported
  • The Democrats approved two articles of impeachment but failed to identify a crime
  • Partison politics so Nancy Pelosi can say President Trump is impeached forever.

Trump was acquitted in a fair trial.

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