Wood Mission

I always on the look out for wood to provide firewood for my small outreach firewood program to the Navajos in the Oljato community near Monument Valley. As you may be aware that wood stoves are the main source of heat for the Navajo dwellings and in June 2019 the Peabody coal mine has closed down along with the Page power plant closing in November 2019. With the coal mine and power plant closing down, 650 jobs have been eliminated and source of coal is not readily available now.  The nearest source of wood is 80 miles away from this community. I have been taking 4 to 5 loads of firewood to several of the families in this area over the past years. I am always looking for new sources of wood in the Verde Valley area to take up to Monument Valley and if you have some wood to spare it would be much appreciated. 

Anna in Oljato, Utah

One of my favorite people to provide wood to is Anna. She is a 86 year old widow that has lived a hard life.

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